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We teach about money, right? So wouldn't it make sense that we also offer a way for anyone to go out and make it?

​One of the easiest and best ways to make money these days is through affiliate partnerships. ​Here's how they work: You simply refer products or services that you believe in and if one of your followers buys that product, you make money. It's a win/win for everyone and extremely simple.

Our Affiliate Program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing revenue stream without any cost or obligation on your part. FLOODG8TM  has a host of quality products and services to easily fit your niche or topic.

This is how easy it can be. Let's suppose...

You have a blog about home remodeling projects and one of your articles is about fixing homes to sell. FLOODG8TM offers an educational course on how to profitably flip houses, so you could simply mention that in your post and provide a link to that particular program. If just one of your readers clicks on the link and purchases our program, you just made a quick $1,748.50 (assuming you are a Pro affiliate and our Real Estate: Flipping course still sells for $3,497.)

You are a small-group pastor looking for your next Bible study series. We offer an 8-week, contemporary Bible study that talks all about the Bible and money. If you decided this would be a good fit for your church and you plugged your 300 members into the 8-week program, you just made $870 for your church, helped your community grow, and did something you were going to do anyway!

You enrolled in our Debt AdvantageTM course and loved how it benefitted your life. You care about your friends and feel this information could also help them, so you post a link on Facebook to our free, no-obligation debt class. 10 of your friends appreciate the free class (and you) so much that they go on to enroll in Debt AdvantageTM. You just helped 10 of your friends AND made $1,985 (assuming you are a Pro affiliate and your friends bought Debt Advantage for $397)

Affiliate links are great ways to generate funds for...

  • Going on a missions trip
  • Additional (or main) income stream
  • A charity fundraiser
  • Saving for a big investment

Here's how our system works

Call us crazy, but instead of paying our marketing dollars to some big media conglomerate, we'd rather pay real people who could probably do a better job spreading the word anyway. After all, our greatest source of marketing is word-of-mouth from our fans and we believe in thanking and rewarding those who help share our products.

Our affiliate program is broken down into 2 levels. As a new affiliate, you will begin at the Starter level and once you simply generate over $2,000 in gross sales, you'll automatically be upgraded to the Pro level where you can start earning higher commission rates.

Affiliate Level

Commission %





*The commission rates apply to digital products only. Physical and coaching products will have their own generous commission rates based on their individual associated costs.

  • STEP 1: Apply for our FREE affiliate program below. Once your application is approved, you'll receive information on how to access your affiliate account.
  • STEP 2: Get the links to the products that fit your niche. When you promote or mention one of our products and a guest clicks on the hyperlink you provide, an intelligent "cookie" will track their progress across all of their devices. If they go on to purchase one of our products, your account will automatically be credited.
  • STEP 3: Get paid. This part is pure magic. When your affiliate account is approved, you will connect your PayPal account. When someone purchases one of our programs from clicking on your link, your referral fee will be automatically deposited to your PayPal account within 30-45 days.

Become a referral partner today


  • Our system tracks your leads for up to a year after a prospect clicks on your affiliate link! That means that if someone visits our site and doesn't buy today, but decides to revisit and buy something anytime within the next year, you still earn a referral fee.
  • You get paid monthly commission on all subscription purchases for the entire LIFE of the customer.
  • Add value to your website. (Ex: provide your readers with a link to free debt class and if someone buys something eventually, you make money!)
  • We manage all customer service for your customers
  • You'll have all the easy-to-use resources you need to promote the program at your fingertips!
  • You can track your click stats, sales, commissions, & more in your live affiliate account.
  • You'll earn a higher commission as you make more sales.